Friday, February 22, 2013

Hobbie Goes To Australia--Ark Conference on Advancing Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession

I'll be traveling to Sidney to speak at the Ark Conference "Advancing Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession" as a guest of that organization on March 13, 2013 (just a few weeks away!).

I'm very appreciative for the opportunity to meet people in the Australian legal KM community face-to-face.  I've met a few people at ILTA conferences, and have been generally impressed with the state of legal KM technology and adoption, as presented by those people in various sessions.

The two topics I'll be addressing are KM's support for pricing efforts, and creating a culture of collaboration within the enterprise.

The conference overview:

Knowledge management helps law firms to discover and unite organisational knowledge, leading to improved efficiency and consistency. It also facilitates robust professional development, enabling client service delivery of the highest quality and standard. In the face of changing business models and growing competition, law firms must ensure true efficiency and evolution in their service delivery to become a leader, not just a survivor.    
While the benefits of a knowledge centre have been realised by competitive law firms, many law firms still find it a challenge to convince lawyers and senior managers to support a culture of internal knowledge sharing. Knowledge management professional in law firms face the common challenges of lack of time, traditional and change resistant organisational culture, and the difficulty of implementing new technologies effectively. 
This one-day collaborative forum will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the people, process, technology and culture aspects through practical case studies that are essential for successful knowledge management within law firms. You’ll have the chance to interact with the speakers and other attendees to really gain a better understanding on how to cultivate a knowledge sharing culture in your organisation.

The full descriptions of the sessions I'm formally participating in follow.

1.International practitioner case study: KM’s role in supporting pricing 
and budgeting

This is a solo presentation.

Learn how KM can add value to pricing and budgeting efforts within law 
firms through application of KM skills to pricing information.  KM skills 
and approaches that can be applied to budget work include information 
management, database development, matter experience work, time/billing/
budget taxonomy work, change management, and more.

Specific processes that KM can assist with include budget library 
development, phase/task code development, data mining, budgeting and 
pricing, and budget monitoring.

2.  Panel Discussion: Social media and internal communication to drive 
innovation in law firms

  • Promoting online collaborative tools to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Removing information silos across departmental boundaries and allowing users to easily share and collaborate
  • Create an engaging community and encouraging new and innovative ideas
  • Josephine Murfey, Knowledge Manager, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers (see her Interview on Yammer deployment)
  • Shirley Hamel, Director of Knowledge & Business Services, Maddocks
  • me, Litigation Knowledge Manager, Goodwin Procter LLP 
  • Felicity Badcock, Head of Knowledge Management, King & Wood Mallesons 
  • Facilitator: Judith Ellis, Managing Director, Enterprise Knowledge Pty Ltd (who has more records management LinkedIn endorsements than I've ever seen before!)

I'll be speaking specifically about creating a collaborative culture within litigation matter teams.

Litigation pricing analytics have been an area of significant effort lately, and I look forward to sharing insights and making more connections on the other side of the world from my home town of Boston, Massachusetts.

I'm going to be in Sidney that week, going to regular touristy places like ferry boats and opera houses and less regular serious-amateur-musician places like chamber orchestra rehearsals and hopefully some string quartet sessions.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to connect at, before, or after the conference.

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