Friday, January 29, 2010

Posting from iPhone

I have mentioned that I'll be presenting at LegalTech. I'll also be
blogging. That explains this post, which is a test from my iPhone.
We're on our own for wifi so I hope to transfer from laptop to phone
and then here.

My apologies for the complete lack of substantive content.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

PreCydent Folds

I was sorry to come across this post on the Law Librarian Blog about PreCydent going out of business. As I noted in 2008, the company had an impressive search engine with outstanding relevancy ranking compared to other tools. I imagine that the entrance of Google into legal research, and perhaps the onset of Westlaw and Lexis new search engines as profiled in the New York Times earlier this week, were contributing factors.

There's an awful lot of law out there, and more is coming out all the time. It's not easy to compete with the big boys.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Legal Tech New York 2010; Using Internet Resources To Your Advantage

I'll be presenting for the first time at LegalTech New York 2010, on February 1 in "Sutton South."

It should be an interesting panel, moderated by Rob Saccone (very formerly of my firm and now head of XMLaw), with Patrick DiDomenico a/k/a "LawyerKM," and Tom Baldwin.

We'll be discussing how various web-based tools and approaches fit into knowledge processes of increasing awareness and gathering information, storing information and resources so they can be effectively reused, organizing information so that it can be found and sparks connections, and sharing information.

In other words, How do you get the right information at the right time? How do you reduce noise and find what's really relevant to you in your daily work? How do you sort the good stuff from the bad and make sure that you keep the good stuff?

We're not limited to one side of the firewall here. I'll be discussing the use of social collaborative tools for knowledge sharing at my firm, and also how I use Twitter and the related phenomena of hashtags, lists, and Twitter applications to stay on top of developments in my field.

Speaking of Twitter, I've seen some confusion around the hashtag--people are converging on #ltny however.

Hope to see you there!