Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speaker-Seeking--ILTA Conference--Knowledge Management Supporting Legal Organization Administrative Efforts

Legal knowledge management has traditionally focused first on the needs of practicing lawyers, for obvious reasons, with tools, resources and staff devoted to such topics as improving sample / precedent retrieval and use, organizing the firm's legal experience, and improving access to information about people inside the firm.

Law firms and other legal organizations are like other purposeful collections of people and activity, of course, and the non-legal administrative staff have information and knowledge needs that skilled knowledge management practitioners can assist, by virtue of their understanding of the business of law, their understanding of collaborative technology, comparative comprehension of the possible technology solutions.

I'm looking for additional speakers to discuss at the 2013 ILTA conference (August 18-22 in Las Vegas, NV) how they've leveraged knowledge management approaches to assist groups (other than practicing lawyers) within their legal organizations.  Contact me if you're interested or have any questions.