Sunday, August 26, 2007

ILTA Extra--Extracurricular Activities--the "ILTones"

One of the more enjoyable sideline activities I participated in this year at ILTA was the choir/chorus, perhaps unfortunately called the "ILTones" (that's the top of my shiny head in the back row). Really, we didn't sound that bad.

The main performance was at ILTA's annual meeting, during lunch on Thursday. I heard that some of the people in the back of the room--OK, perhaps anyone who wasn't in the front row--had a hard time hearing the new lyrics written to the tune of "Fly me to the Moon," so, I'm recreating them here, as best as I can recall:

Take me home too soon, let met stay with ILTA's stars
Education, recreation, how we've raised the bar
In other words, I'm inspired
In other words, love that choir.

As we end this song, there's only one last thing to say
Time to start the planning for our thirty-first soiree
In other words, guess the place
In just a tune... (segue into theme song of a Texas-based 80's drama)

I really enjoyed singing with this group of people. Joining your voice with others, especially in live performance, is a great way to get and stay connected. These folks struck a nice balance between having fun and working hard enough to get the job done. Plus, the director was none other than the charismatic Joy Heath Rush of Sidley Austin, the incoming President of ILTA.

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