Friday, May 23, 2008

Joining Twitter & Twitter widgets

As you can seen from the widget to the lower right, either Twitter has reached critical mass or just couldn't stand the thought of being in the "late adopter." For those of you that aren't familiar with it, as my colleague has pointed out, Twitter combines instant-text messaging with blogging, with all of your 140 characters available for all to see. When combined with tinyurl, it provides another way for people to share content and their posts.

So far I like the flexibility and ease of use, and feel a lot less reluctant to post an update on my doings there than I do on this blog, which I tend to reserve for more in-depth discussions.

For my Blackberry 8700, I've downloaded both the GetMobio (don't do it) and TwitterBerry from Orangatame. TwitterBerry doesn't let you search for people, but it does let you see followee's posts. And it's very easy to use. That does it for me.

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Doug Cornelius said...

According to the Twitter-verse you missed the early adopter deadline: