Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging from ILTA

I'll be liveblogging again from ILTA, which is held this year in Grapevine, Texas, near Dallas (not far from the airport). Last year I really enjoyed the blogging experience (posts tagged ILTA 07). This years' are tagged ILTA08.

At Enterprise 2.0 in Boston I put up posts on what I felt were the most important sessions, but didn't blog about every one I attended. Part of the problem was the frequent failure of the wifi there, which was, as you might imagine, more than a little frustrating. Hopefully ILTA will be prepared for more of us bloggers this year with more outlets, and will continue the good job they did last year with wifi.

For a group of techies, ILTA seemed remarkably light on Enterprise 2.0 awareness last year. This year they have an official blog that already lists Caselines, along with a few others. The unofficial word in the Twitterverse is to use #ilta08 . Duh.

Yet while Enterprise 2.0 as such isn't mentioned much, "collaboration" is addressed every day, in no less than fourteen sessions.

Monday; 2, counting only one of the KM tracks.
Tuesday; 5, including one by Dennis Kennedy who has a written a book on the subject.
Wednesday; 5, including one by Bruce McEwen of "Adam Smith", known more as a law firm economist than a collaboration expert.
Thursday; 2 more.

I'm glad to see collaboration as the focus of so much interest, and I hope that the word isn't being used merely as a buzzword.

Monday I'll be veering off my usual KM track a little to attend an interesting session on Interwoven/Vivisimo's Universal Search, and another on Interaction, which happens to be my firm's primary contact/client relationship management (CRM) software tool.

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