Sunday, August 26, 2012

Liveblogging from ILTA 2012: AC2DC

I'm testing out a new method of posting--my fairly new iPad with a brand new "Zagg" keyboard. The new equipment comes at a propitious time, for blogging at the International Legal Technology Association is especially rewarding. Partly that's because there's so much great content shared there, and partly it's because there's a lot of related social media activity and people paying attention.

This year, as last, I may be splitting blogging between this platform and the ILTA KM Blog, which I continue to manage. Generally on the ILTA blog I'm trying to have fairly polished content that I'm sure will be relevant to most of the legal KM community. Here I don't feel quite those constraints, especially on the polish when it comes to live-blogging.

So far by the way the new equipment is working well. It's certainly much faster than typing on the screen. I'm limited by Google's lack of a Blogger iPad app, but the iPhone version is working OK. Wordpress is further along with this as with so much else, this blog may not be around on this platform much longer.

This year the location is Washington DC, and the theme is "AC2DC." People have been coming up with various backronyms. I think that, rather than backronyms, the real theme of ILTA, as always, is connection. It's where I go to get reconnected to a community of peers and to connect with people doing the kind of work I do, facing the same kinds of challenges, and coming up with all kinds of ingenious, thoughtful, and effective solutions.

I hope that if you see me there you'll feel free to connect with me.

One last thing--as I have advocated on other channels, let's stick with #ilta12 as the hashtag, OK? Thanks!

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