Monday, June 10, 2013

Introvert Out Of The Closet--Video Interview

I sat down via Skype with Marc Luber of the for-profit site JD Careers Out There and talked about my career path and legal knowledge management.  The first segment of that interview has been released; in it, I discuss how to go about doing networking via "informational interviews" with people in a profession that you may be investigating. I also talk about how people like me, who are somewhat introverted, can be effective in demanding social situations like interviewing. 

I didn't go into it in the interview, but my premise here is that introversion, like extroversion, is a personality trait.  It's pretty much a part of who I am, and not something that I could (or would want to) change.  In fact, it's part of what makes me effective at my job--introverts tend to enjoy solo activities like thinking over problems, drafting, and practicing violin.  Introverts can enjoy social situations, but they are also drained by them--we recharge alone.  The key is to be doing work that you enjoy and are passionnate about--an introvert can communicate as effectively about such matters as an extrovert.

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Unknown said...

Being an introvert, much like being an extrovert, also has its own advantages. For one, introverts prioritize periods of solitude that provides them with a powerful source of creativity and self-awareness. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being one.

- Tyron, Canberra law firms