Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Day 2: Chris Morace of Jive Software

My continued notes below--errors are below.

Chris is looking awfully corporate for a rep from a company with such hip-looking logos and video promos.  This was a very interesting and well-paced presentation, however.

Enterprises are facing waves of disruption from changes in social, cloud, and other new technologies.  We're all being asked to be more innovative, be more agine. 

IT groups are increasingly feeling like more and more of their time is being spent maintaining antiquated enterprsie systems, and not enough times supporting business needs and innovations. 

One conference attendee noted that he could talk to his children by video call from his hotel room, but couldn't get conferencing systems to work at most work meetings.

70% of employees are using unsanctioned cloud applications.

Social is "hot."  There's social in Project Management, CRM, etc. etc.  None of it integrates together.  It creates new silos.  IT professionals are going to be asked to address this system.

The app market is an example of the future of enterprise technology.  Apps are easy to create, quite frictionless.  It's pretty easy.  Software is more of an impulse buy instead of a major decision.  Each channel comes with millions of potential users and a distribution network.  Apps are also integrated with the social graph. 

Chris says we're moving to the "consumerprise" model.  We used to have to explain why social apps were different from email etc.  Now people get it because they are participating in their personal life. 

To thrive in this area, you have to add value to the business AND protect it. 

New models of consumption are critical.  Need to be able to "pay as you go," very simply, so the app just "shows up."  Less lockin for enterprise software.  Vendors earn the right to have us use their product.  We should be able to install an app with the click of a button. 

The amount of time it should take to integrate a new system into the HR/ERM/ etc. enterprise system should be no more time than it takes to fill out a Help Desk ticket.  It should also integrate with the internal social tools.

We also need easy ways to say that an app is OK or not.  Maybe there need to restrict server location, internal or exterrnal storage, etc. 

The policies of companies around personal mobile devices has changed.  He thinks that companies will change their policies around new applications as well. 

The seminal moment in the consumerprise was when Facebook opened up its platform. 

There will only be a handful of winners.  Christian Finn would call this a "nice dream." 

Jive has a platform that can do much of this already.  Hundreds of apps can work together.  Jive will be the first to have an app market.  This is a way we can get around the adoption challenges.  We can really change the way people do business.

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