Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Day 2: Ming Kwan of Nokia

It was good to actually have a woman presenting a keynote at the general session.  There hasn't been good gender balance here (she is one out of six presenters in this first tranche).  Her presentation focused mostly on how employees can obtain actionable information through internal collaboration, and share that through external social channels.  I wish there had been a few more concrete examples.

Nokia want to get the right information into the right hands at the right time.

They also want to make it actionable.  What can employees do with all of that information?

Their principles include transparency across the organization.  Their company works in 120 companies.
Another key principle is accountability, by having people take ownership and recognition.  
Taking action is another principle.  It's not about the volume of interactions, it's the qualtiy.

Return On Investment

Nokia developed a "social marketing KPI" framework.  It starts with awareness, then moves to appreciation, with highest level of engagement is engagement (action, purchasing for instance). 

Having a set KPI framework gains clarity around the business's performance.  Ideally the new information leads to awareness that leads to action. 

Third Ecosystem

Nokia wants to create a "third ecosystem" with Microsoft (beyond those of Apple, and Google, although she didn't say their names).  In order to do that they will need to collaborate effectively with their partners, including agencies and suppliers.

Nokia's "visualizers" helps managers identify what different teams are talking about (I didn't understand the value of having managers somehow be aware of what are no doubt thousands of conversations going on internally).  Nokia's "Socializer" based on Headshift technology include tasking and pinging. 

Nokia has had internal idea crowdsourcing for a while.  They recently opened up crowdsourcing to the public. 

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