Thursday, February 25, 2016

Business Intelligence and Analytics In the Legal Profession--Ark Group Conference April 28

I'll be speaking again at an Ark Conference, this time, at the fourth "Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Legal Profession" conference, to be held April 28th at the AMA Executive Conference Center in New York.

Formal title:  Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Use-Cases

Legal organizations are awash in rich information about the work they do.
Lawyers record time in six-minute increments, save dozens of documents a day,
and even assign each client and matter a unique number, (a system much envied
by our corporate knowledge management peers). Yet few legal organizations
take full advantage of the data that they have, despite the increasing prevalence of
advanced data analytics and visualization tools that make access and interaction
with the data much easier and faster. This case study will share one law firm’s
story about visualizing matter data, starting with a sophisticated
matters information system and moving on to show an interactive business
intelligence system focused on what lawyers need to know about their matters.
Uses include business development, competitive intelligence, knowledge
management, and pricing and budget analysis.
In many ways this presentation will be a follow-on from the presentation at ILTACON 2015 on "Best of Business Intelligence:  Stories of Success" (recording available.)  We've made progress in identifying some important use-cases and in leveraging our matters data since then, of course.

Hope to see you there!

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